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WorldNews Videos

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Superwoman Lilly Singh at UN General Assembly – BBC News
NHS sued over access to fertility treatment for transgender people
Rep. Jim Jordan on Kavanaugh, Rosenstein, House speaker bid
GRU-some discovery: New report claims Salisbury suspect is a Russian army Colonel
EU hits back at ‘offensive’ press coverage of Brexit in UK tabloids
New allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, both victims unnamed
GOP hires prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to question Ford
A look at Brett Kavanaughs Yale years
Jim Acosta asks Trump to call on a female reporter
Woman billboard was transphobic and dangerous
Nothing but ego & pride: Traditional US allies dont back Trump in his Iran-bashing
Third woman accuses Kavanaugh of misconduct
Avenatti Explains Timing Of 3rd Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Coming Forward | Craig Melvin | MSNBC
Ukrainian President accidentally enters Russian delegation’s room escaping ‘fake news’ (SUBS)
Growing calls for Rod Rosenstein to testify before Congress
UKIP leader Gerard Batten: Muslim ideology legitimises sex slaves
Exclusive: Facebook’s struggle to get a grip on hate crime
Meghan Markle praises women at Grenfell cookbook launch – BBC News
Conway to Cuomo in fiery debate: I’ll walk away
President Trump hosts MAGA rally in Las Vegas
Amazon’s New Microwave, Echo Auto And Alexa Hunches
Michael Cohen talks to Mueller team about Russia
Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov: Press conference ahead of UFC title fight
Maryland shooting: Woman kills 3, shoots herself dead
TAPE: Assange’s last video before communications cut at Ecuadorian Embassy in London (FULL)
Sign of the times: Londoners take law into their own hands in fight against drug crime
NYT columnist defends Kavanaugh accuser with his own powerful story
The more absurd, the better! Candidates run to extremes ahead of US mid-term elections
Pompeo talks threats to the US posed by Russia and China
The mysterious case of a dead Russian businessman
WADA recommends reinstating Russian anti-doping agency
Grassley responds to Democrats over Kavanaugh accusation
Brady and Hindleys bitter war of words revealed
Bill Clinton accuser: Hillary didnt give me due process
Anderson Cooper fact-checks Trumps FBI claim
Napolitano: GOP advice to Dems trying to take the House
Jeff Bezos Speaks on Innovation in the Space Industry and Blue Origin
Prison conditions drive inmates to the brink of madness
Trump visits Carolina communities hit hard by Florence
Whiter than white: Words of a racist or PC gone mad?
How Nike Turns Controversy Into Dollars
Marie Harf: US needs to meet with North Korea directly
Hell on Earth in Europe: Greek govt plans to move 2,000 migrants from countrys biggest camp
Tomi Lahren on Hillary Clintons latest Trump criticism
The Body Coach Joe Wicks launches new health project
Male infertility: The secret shame of having no sperm
Brexit FAQ: Will Problems with the Irish border stop Brexit?
New era: North & South Korea sign military agreement to end the history of tragic conflict
Moore: Kavanaugh nomination should be removed
NARAL calls for Kavanaugh to withdraw nomination
Hume on where Kavanaugh vote is headed amid accusation
Ingraham: The judgment and injustice of Kavanaugh
Kavanaugh accuser wants FBI probe before she testifies
Hannity: Democrats not interested in the full truth
Ann Coulter on lefts meltdown over Kavanaugh
Will Carter Page now learn why the FBI spied on him?
Surgeon and his girlfriend accused of drugging, raping women
Coulter on the left’s futile fight against Trump
Former FEC chairman Bradley Smith talks campaign finance law
Collins ‘surprised’ by Kavanaugh accusation
A 26-year-old was killed by a shark while boogie boarding off the coast of Cape Cod
Military family evacuating Hurricane Florence welcomes twins
Washington Post: Kavanaugh accuser comes forward
Typhoon Mangkhut hits Hong Kong, at least 100 injured
Avenatti fires back at Fox’s Tucker Carlson: He doesn’t want to debate me
Stelter rips Trump’s embrace of conspiracy theories
Nunes reacts to Strzok-Page ‘media leak strategy’ texts
Ebola: Surviving Survival – Stigma & shame in the wake of disease
This New Scanner Could Speed Up Airport Security
Ocasio-Cortez: Puerto Ricans treated like second-class citizens
Russia’s Vostok-2018 drills: Final days of massive navy exercises
Liam Fox hails ‘reassuring noises’ from Brussels
Carter Page reacts to calls to declassify FISA documents
Diamond and Silk ride out the storm in North Carolina
Reports of looting in storm-ravaged North Carolina
SE Cupp: Why is it so hard for Republicans to say Trump is wrong?
Death toll climbs as Florence batters the Carolinas
Florence forces evacuation of hundreds of nursing homes
Florence causes major air travel delays, cancellations
Why Qatar Is Causing Headaches For Trump
Mayor talks getting power back to Wilmington, North Carolina
Ella instead of Nutella: French name police called into action
From Facebook to Fakebook: Platform accused of censorship after fact-checking liberal site
Utter Failure: US watchdog slams USAID programme in Afghanistan
Reliable Partner? Majority of French say US no longer trusted ally – polls
Doctor talks dangers that remain after flood waters recede
Attorney explains why Manafort pleaded guilty
Republican House candidate says man tried to stab him
Norm Macdonald faces backlash over #MeToo comments
Americans from around the nation offer help to the Carolinas
Graham on preparing South Carolina for Hurricane Florence
Puerto Ricos secretary of state talks hurricane response
Exclusive: Video shows Harvey Weinstein behaving inappropriately
Marines open shelters ahead of Hurricane Florence
Tucker hits back at Avenattis comments on The View
Air Force plane flies into Hurricane Florence
Perino: Democrats agitated, want someone who fights
US intercepts Russian bombers near Alaskan airspace
Washington Post blames Trump for devastating hurricanes
Judge Napolitano on new Strzok-Page texts
Belongings of Assange’s missing associate found in sea of Norwegian coast
Nuclear option: EU Parliament triggers Article 7 against Hungary
Analyst rips Fox News host’s diversity rant: Asinine and ignorant
Backtracking 101: US in no hurry to leave Syria… despite previous plans
Trump on 9/11: America will never ever submit to tyranny
ABC News Live Florence nears US, Trump attends 9/11 memorial service
Suicide bombing in Afghan: Dozens injured, several dead
Donald Trump Jr. talks anonymous op-ed, Russia investigation and midterms
Ray Dalio’s Lessons From The Financial Crisis
Syrian state YouTube channels ‘terminated’ amid fears of looming false-flag chem attack
Ballot error may have cost state representative his election
Hurricane Florence forces mandatory evacuation order
North Korea invites President Trump to second summit
Former NY Fed Pres. Geithner On The 2008 Crisis | CNBC
Former Treasury Sec. Paulson On The 2008 Crisis
Jaguar boss: We don’t want a hard Brexit or a no-deal Brexit
Exclusive look inside FBI terror bomb analysis center
Contradicting stories in deadly police shooting
New video of Hurricane Florence’s massive eyewall
Will ‘Auntie Maxine’ inspire or cost Dems in November?
Papadopoulos tells Hannity what he wants Americans to know
Don Lemon: Puerto Rico response not successful by any measure
New enrollment down at Evergreen State College
Chuka Umunna: Labour is institutionally racist
CBS chief Les Moonves to step down as more accusers come forward
John Kerry: Trump clearly doesn’t understand America
Hurricane Florence threatens US East Coast
New protests expected after man reportedly killed by Afghans in Germany
Ex-Trump campaign aide: I know who wrote NYT op-ed
Serena Williams was fined $17,000 for arguing with the chair umpire
Steve Says: Even the NYT is praising the Trump economy
Big tech companies and anti-conservative bias
Could A Senate Seat Turn Blue In Texas?
Anti-immigration party gain 17.6% of the vote in Swedish election
Dem strategist critical of anonymous op-ed: If Trump unfit, ‘be public’ about it
Papadopoulos: Campaign ‘fully aware’ of my attempts to set up Trump-Putin meeting
These are the Real 2018 iPhone’s Name Price and Release Date
Bernstein: Trump presidency teetering with an unstable president
Vladimir Putin votes for the next mayor of Moscow
Drills in Mediterranean Sea: Russian navy infantry landing on Syrian coast in Latakia
Shocking footage of a truck ploughing into Moldovan President Dodon’s motorcade
Election in Sweden: Migrant policy divides voters
Graham on Kavanaugh hearings, bid to declassify documents
ICBMs excluded: North Korea celebrates 70th anniversary
Breaking down the political drama over the Kavanaugh hearing
Diamond & Silk talk about the outrage over the Nike ad
Rep. Matt Gaetz debunks the fake news stories of the week
Rep. Darrell Issa on the push to declassify FISA documents
USA Today examines how Americans deal with White House drama
Joy Behar: If you are a patriotic American, tell the truth about Trump
Pence: The American people rejected the direction of Obama
Osaka defeats Serena Williams in upset at US Open Final
Trump targets Nike over new Kaepernick ad
Russian Navy & Aerospace’ joint drills in Mediterranean Sea come to an end
Dershowitz on George Papadopoulos’ 14-day sentence
Lahren reacts to Obama slamming GOP in campaign speech
Demonstrators torched the Iranian consulate in Iraq’s Basra
Moscow celebrates City Day with spectacular fireworks display
Dallas officer to be charged with manslaughter
Kim Jong-Un wants to visit Russia & meet Putin
Terrorists & White Helmets met to discuss faking chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib– Russian MoD
Trump wants Sessions to investigate New York Times op-ed
Week two of anti-refugee rallies & counter-protests in Germany’s Chemnitz
Protesters retrieve Israeli drone used to launch tear gas in Gaza Strip
Irexit Freedom: New Irish party calling for exit from EU launches in Dublin
Laura Ingraham moderates town hall on Chicago violence
Family member of victim of Chicago gang crime speaks out
Chris Cuomo: Trump about walls, Obama about bridges
Chris Cuomo and Corey Lewandowski spar over Russia probe
Michael Avenatti: Trump is more interested in personal vendettas
‘Plaid shirt guy’ removed from Trump rally for facial expressions
Is Nike’s gamble on Kaepernick paying off?
Critic to Tucker: Why your attacks on Amazon are Un-American
Remember when Obama called Hillary racist?
Documentary explores how Google, Facebook track and use data
Linguist who helped identify Unabomber on NYT op-ed author
Kelly Slater’s perfect wave machine in the middle of the desert
Obama and Trump trade jabs ahead of midterm elections
Ex-Trump campaign aide gets 14 days in prison
Jet air dryers spread bacteria from unclean hands
Fate of Idlib: Russia, Turkey & Iran meet at crucial Syria summit
Jon Stewart and 9/11 first responders talk to Fox News
North Koreans on their economy: ‘We’re not afraid of sanctions’
Germany’s Chemnitz: Far-right rally over the fatal stabbing of a man that was blamed on 2 migrants
Hurricane Florence could take aim at East Coast
China’s private company OneSpace Technologies launches OS-X suborbital rocket
How Kids are Recruited to be Undercover Informants – Sponsored by Sony
Special Report: The Salisbury Poisonings
Burt Reynolds on his career comeback: Revenge is living well (1991)
Republicans question Bookers self-produced document drama
Dems using Kavanaugh hearing as presidential springboard?
Can football help traumatised children?
Gutless editorial: NYT releases anonymous op-ed by Trump admin resistance
Pentagon chief: US has never seen Syrian militants use any chemical weapons
Ken Livingston: Rise of anti-Russian sentiment trying to recreate Cold War
Suspects named in novichock investigation
Are Muslim Uyghurs being brainwashed by the Chinese state?
Protesters storm government building in Basra, Iraq, set it on fire
6.7 earthquake hits Japan: Landslides swallow houses, dozens missing in Hokkaido
Democrats press Supreme Court nominee on hot button issues
Hatch: Kavanaugh won’t be lackey for Trump or anybody else
Watch Live: Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing
Rudy Giuliani: Woodward never interviewed me
Gorka on anonymous op-ed: They must be rooted out, fired
Ted Cruz: Democrats haven’t laid a single glove on Kavanaugh
Unnamed Trump senior official paints grim WH scene in op-ed
GOP lawyer speaks out about Fusion GPS, Russia probe
Sen. Coons on grilling Kavanaugh over presidential powers
Parishioner voices frustration over Catholic Church scandal
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey answers questions at the House Energy and Commerce Committee
Kavanaugh quizzed over abortion, gun rights, executive power
Obama set to hit the 2018 midterm campaign trail
Marco Rubio vs Alex Jones: ‘Who are you, man?’
Facebook & Twitter apologize for slow reaction to Russian ‘meddling’
RAW: Russian MoD releases footage of strikes on militant targets in Idlib
Inside The E-4B ‘Doomsday Plane
Whitlock: Kaepernick is a Nike PR ploy, will backfire
Trump’s attorney: Russia probe needs to end
NBC’s Chuck Todd declares war on Fox News, conservatives
Sen. Ted Cruz on how the Kavanaugh hearings will play out
‘Cosby’ actor speaks out after being job-shamed
Nike shares fall after Colin Kaepernick ad launch
Lawmaker questions why Trump picked Kavanaugh
‘Privacy is not absolute’: Spy alliance wants easier access to your encrypted messages
Why is China pouring money into Africa? – BBC News
It seems US trying to get Al-Nusra off the hook in Idlib – Lavrov
Amesbury victims poisoned by the same agent as Skripals – OPCW
Tucker: The real reason NBC killed the Weinstein story
Parkland dad Fred Guttenberg describes Kavanaugh interaction
Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing
Wounded veteran fires back at Kaepernick’s Nike ad
Report: Mueller to accept some written answers from Trump
Senate Democrats, protesters hijack Kavanaugh hearing
Scallop wars: Fishermen recall terrifying clash with French boats
Inside Facebooks Epic HQ Expansion
Insults to Islam were motivation for Afghan mans attack on 2 Americans in Amsterdam – prosecutors
Stand Up: New left-wing party launches in Germany promising real debate on immigration
National Museum of Brazil consumed by fire
Protesters throw rocks at cop car, set it on fire during violent clashes in Nicaragua
British troops heading back to Afghanistan
Mollie Tibbetts’ father: Don’t exploit daughter for political gain
RAW: Tornado rips through Kalamazoo County, Michigan
Steve Hilton: Sundar Pichai is ‘The Manchurian CEO’
Report: GOP official resigns after calling kneeling NFL players ‘baboons’
Countdown to the midterms: Is the GOP making a huge mistake?
Baby weighing less than a pound of coffee beans battles the odds for survival
Conjoined Twin Sisters Tell Their Story
Does latest portrayal of Neil Armstrong miss the mark?
Microwaves suspected in attacks on US diplomats in Cuba and China
Spasskaya Tower Military Music Festival closing ceremony in Moscow
Trump admin withholds 100,000-plus pages of Kavanaugh docs
Catholic yells ‘shame on you’ to Cardinal Wuerl at church
‘Pink wave’ of candidates has camouflage tint with increase in female vets
GOP Senator on Kavanaugh nomination: ‘30 years ago, he would have passed unanimously’
Drones vs. California’s wildfires: How they’re helping firefighters
S.E. Cupp: Conservative movement is in a coma
KKK demonstrators clash with counter-protesters in front of snipers & heavy police control
Aircraft graveyard: Aerial footage shows thousands of retired military planes in Arizona
Obama and Bush pay tribute to John McCain
Miami Herald endorses candidate once abducted by aliens
Fitton on significance of no FISA hearings for Page warrant
McCarthy vows to fight online censorship of conservatives
Judge Jeanine: Jeff Sessions needs to do one of two things
Swedish election: Nationalists gain traction, but criticised for racism
US military blocks proposed railway linking North & South Korea
George W Bush: McCain loved freedom with the passion of a man who knew its absence
Meghan McCain: My Father Was A Warrior
Feeling the Bern? Sanders targets Amazons low wages & poor working conditions
‘Smart’ Putin, election collusion & NATO expansion: US releases Clinton-Yeltsin conversations
John McCain Casket Leaves Capitol Hill
Trump cancels raises for federal employees
Sources: Ohr kept Mueller deputy ‘in the loop’ on dossier
Trump: Let’s see if Hillary Clinton gets away with it
WaPo: US passports denied along Texas border
Fatalities in crash involving bus and semi in New Mexico
Gutfeld on the death of Al Qaeda’s bomb maker
Man arrested for threatening to kill Boston Globe staff
Kylie Jenner’s Billion Dollar Business Secret | CNBC
Former ICE agent blasts Cuomo over ‘thugs’ remark
Should the UK go further with the 5p bag charge?
Sheriff defends Uber driver in ‘stand your ground’ shooting
US threatens India with sanctions over S-400 defence system deal
Google disputes Trump’s State of the Union claim
NYT: Trump tried to buy, bury decades of dirt from National Enquirer
Joe Biden: I’m a Democrat and I love John McCain
Tesla And Elon Musk’s Wild August Recapped | CNBC
Sarah Palin not invited to John McCain’s funeral
Macron angers opposition by calling French Gauls who resist change
A Drake show isn’t complete without drones and flying Ferraris
To infinity and beyond: Tesla Model S gets airborne, smashes into school yard
Warren Buffett’s Full Birthday Interview | CNBC
Thick toxic smoke billows after explosions at Melbourne factory
‘Peace mission’: Shanghai Pact countries hold drills in Russia
RAW: Russia test-launches new interceptor missile
Alex Salmond resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct
Russian Foreign Ministry news briefing
GOP gubernatorial candidate on California eliminating bail
3 ‘extremist Muslim’ New Mexico compound suspects released
Kellyanne Conway: CNN bombshell report is just a bomb
Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum responds to ‘monkey’ comment
FBI debunks Trump’s latest conspiracy theory
FBI denies China hacked Hillary Clinton’s server
Dershowitz on oversight of ‘overzealous prosecutors’
Jordan on revelations from Ohr’s closed-door testimony
Family and friends attend public viewing for Sen. John McCain
Shapiro blasts media coverage of Catholic Church crisis
Gutfeld on Ocasio-Cortez’s Uber hypocrisy
Former McCain rivals Obama, Bush surprised with eulogy invite
Trumpism vs. socialism? Ideologies clash in Florida
Pope makes first Vatican appearance since accusations
GOP candidate under fire for ‘monkey this up’ comment
Nothing new for Washington? US plans to create fake Cuban FB accounts
Putin delivers address on planned increase in retirement age
Syria final showdown looming: What’s the worst case scenario?
New Russian presidential car Aurus Senat presented to public at Moscow Intl Automobile Salon
May I have this dance? PM busts a move during trip to South Africa
Veterans, Trump voters condemn White House
Gender reassignment for minors: Norm or nonsense? (DEBATE)
Gillum wins big upset in Florida Democratic primary
Rep. Jim Jordan on questions he has for Bruce Ohr
DeSantis speaks out about Florida primary victory
Report: Clinton’s private email hacked by China
Bruce Ohr testimony raises credibility questions
Green slime oozes into Florida midterm election
Ron DeSantis wins Florida GOP primary for governor
Former Texas police officer found guilty in unarmed teen’s death
Trump privately revives idea to fire Sessions
South Africa withdraws farmland redistribution bill
Deep State’s plot for FISA warrants revealed?
Hannity: Blowing the Bruce Ohr case wide open
Cate Blanchett addresses Rohingya crisis at UN Security Council
Why President Trump And The Koch Brothers Are At Odds
Self-Flying Taxis Are Closer Than You Think
Trump hosts evangelical leaders at the White House
Russian politician on McCain: The enemy is dead
Sen. Thune on US trade deal with Mexico, McCain’s legacy
Catholic leaders call on Pope Francis to resign
Levin: Trump in great shape when it comes to the law
Is Alex Jones the beginning of conservative censorship?
WSJ: Paul Manafort sought plea deal before second trial
Bombshell: Paul Manafort Sought Mueller Plea Deal | The Beat With Ari Melber
DonaldTrump makes statement on Jacksonville shooting
McCain’s wife floated as possible Senate replacement
GOP Senator: Anyone who tarnishes McCain deserves a whipping
Chemnitz anti-migrant protest sees several arrested & injured
Deadliest outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone: Surviving survival
Michael Cohen’s attorney backtracks on Trump-Russia collusion claims
White House flag back at half-staff after public pressure
Trade deal with Mexico, Trump and McCain, 2018 primary elections
Hear John McCain’s final written words to the public
Jordan Belfort: The SEC Won’t Get Involved In Bitcoin
N. Korea slams US for hatching criminal plot to unleash war against Pyongyang
Change of rethoric: German FM goes lighter on Washington
Russia’s Pacific Fleet carries out tactical missile firing drills
Mass shooting at video game tournament leaves three dead, including suspected gunman
Protesting in Ireland leads Pope Francis to plea for forgiveness
The nation mourns, honors, and pays respect to John McCain
Multiple fatalities as gunman terrorizes video game tournament
Witness describes scene of Jacksonville Landing shooting
Video shows moment shots fired at Florida gaming tournament
Will Manafort conviction or Cohen pleas really impact Trump?
Katie Pavlich and Candace Owens on why they are conservative
WaPo: Trump rejected plans for White House statement praising McCain
It’s heating up: Syria readies to recapture Idlib, Moscow warns of provocation to frame Assad
Bluebird: The Afterlife
Douma 2.0? Foreign specialists may stage chemical attack in Syria, Russian MoD warns
Pope Francis’ historic visit to Ireland
Rep. Darrell Issa on criticisms of AG Jeff Sessions
Hillary Clinton shares favorite memories of John McCain
Rep. Issa: America came first for McCain at all times
Twitter CEO to testify before House committee
Trump hits networks for deciding not to broadcast anthem
Sen. Jeff Flake gets emotional over losing McCain
Chopper deployed in attempts to contain huge fire in Moscow Region
IT Minister KTR Meets WhatsApp CEO Chris Daniels & his team | Photos
Cohen lawyer defends claim that Trump broke the law
Suspect in Mollie Tibbetts murder appears in court
South Africa begins seizing land from white farmers
What Cohen And Manafort News Means For Trump: Experts
Earhardt: Trump mentioned pardoning Paul Manafort
Venezuela crisis is ‘splitting families’
Putin & Finland’s Niinistö enjoy boat trip on Black Sea
Rohingya Crisis: It’s still not safe for refugees to return to Myanmar
‘No-deal’ Brexit advice to be published by UK government
Weapons & equipment captured in Syria exhibited at ‘Army 2018’
Mollie Tibbetts’ investigator reveals case details
Dershowitz: Contributing to your own campaign isn’t crime
Suspect in Mollie Tibbetts killing appears in court
Jake Tapper calls out Trump’s ‘demonstrable falsehood’
Inside Microsoft’s massive private hackathon, Hackatron
Apple to Discontinue Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave
Bureaucratic error led to the release of a terror suspect in France
Oldest sea ice in the arctic starts to melt
White House press briefing likely on Manafort verdict, Cohen Plea deal
If You Invested In Apple And Amazon In 2009 Here’s What You’d Have Now
Michael Cohen’s attorney says Cohen has info about Trump for Mueller
Dershowitz breaks down Cohen plea deal, Manafort verdict
Anderson Cooper: Cohen basically called Trump a crook
Michael Cohen turns himself in to NYC federal court
Hannity: How did we go from collusion to bank fraud?
Mark Levin slams Michael Cohen’s plea deal
Angel Mom reacts to murder of Mollie Tibbetts
RAW: Moment a jet engine goes on fire shortly after take-off
Manafort’s indictment: Where did all the money go? BBC News
Papal visit: Is Ireland losing faith?
Conway: Trump cooperative but frustrated with Mueller probe
Washington freezes Russian assets in US… EU fears repercussions
Microsoft: We ‘stopped’ cyber attack by Russian hackers!
Toobin: If Trump lost election, he’d be indicted
Trump calls Manafort a ‘good man’ after convictions
Trump holds ‘MAGA’ rally in West Virginia
Man charged, leads police to body of Mollie Tibbetts
Paul Manafort found guilty on 8 counts; mistrial on 10
Blumenthal: ‘We’re in a Watergate moment’
Stormy Daniels’ attorney: We feel vindicated
Aftermath of shooting attack on US Embassy in Turkey
Earthquake strikes Lombok island in Indonesia, panic ensues
Tom Coburn opens up about why he chose to leave the Senate
RAW: Moment Buk missile launcher slams into building in Kiev
Ex-Fox News analyst: Trump is a danger to the US
Concerns of conservatives being censored ahead of midterms
Twitter CEO: ‘We are not’ discriminating against any political viewpoint
Ukrainian Buk missile system runs into Kiev business center (STILLS)
Stelter examines Fox’s ‘echo chamber’ in Trump
Pittsburgh Bishop: ‘We have followed every step’ in responding to abuse victims
Trump speechwriter with white nationalist ties leaves WH
Rostec International festival of pyrotechnic art: Day 2
Pennsylvania Attorney General: Cardinal Wuerl isn’t truthful
New update on controversial ICE arrest in San Bernardino
NYT: Prosecutors may charge Michael Cohen with fraud
Want a ride on a Magical Cloud? Chinese inventor reveals unique flying scooter
Dr. Jordan Peterson on today’s political climate
Watters: Real news you missed while media covered Omarosa
Judicial Watch wants Brennan’s communications about dossier
Rep. Ratcliffe on what he wants to learn from Bruce Ohr
Denmark building border fence with Germany to protect… pigs
Putin, Merkel meet amid rift with US
Putin dances, speaks German at Austrian FM’s wedding
Massachusetts mayor boycotts Sam Adams beer
Why would Cuomo say America’s never been that great?
Giuliani reacts to report McGahn is cooperating with Mueller
Judge Jeanine: Dems call in serial ‘cleaner’ Bob Mueller
Who issues a security clearance and who gets one?
Behind-the-scenes bullying alleged at the Miss America pageant
Trump tells Sessions to sue certain opioid companies
RAW: Lvov flooded after heavy rains hit western Ukraine
Why Hiring Fortnite Coaches Makes Sense To Some Parents
Keiser Report: US Government’s Social Media Diaper
Facebook ‘attempts to silence’ pro-Palestinian Occupy London page
Barcelona posters call for British tourists to ‘practice balconing… it’s lots of fun’
Beer delivery men save the life of potential bridge jumper
Possible Wolverines? US plans to revolutionize warfare through bio-enhanced soldiers
Urgent manhunt in Nashville for 2 murder suspects
Like ‘Salem witch trials’: Butina treated ‘inhumanly’ in custody, starts crowd funding campaign
NYT: White House counsel McGahn cooperated ‘extensively’ with Mueller probe
No verdict reached as Trump calls Manafort trial ‘very sad
Report: White House ready to revoke more clearances
Ronald Reagan’s daughter: My father would be appalled by Trump
Syrian rebels’ last stand as President Assad’s forces close in
Special report: Disaster on the Morandi Bridge
Fireball lights up night sky over Alabama, 40 times brighter than the moon
Clashes erupt as cops evict squatters of occupied community center in Spain
20yrs since worst crisis hit Russian economy: Challenges, survival & revival
Putin meets Merkel: What’s cooking?
Genoa Bridge Collapse Funeral: Why are some families staying away?
‘The Briefing Room’: Manafort trial, Trump removes security clearances, military parade postponed
Elon Musk’s NY Times Interview: Experts Weigh In
Mayor taunts Trump after military parade cancellation
Jake Tapper responds to Kellyanne Conway’s question
DePaul professor to Tucker: Left has won culture war
The moment Aretha Franklin stepped in for Pavarotti
EXCLUSIVE: Bomb that killed 40 kids in Yemen made in US
Ex-CIA official to Trump supporter: We’re done. Get out!
Rep. Zeldin reacts to intel community’s criticisms of Trump
Trump stands by decision to revoke Brennan clearance
DigitalLibrary,Vaikunta Dhamam Crematorium,NehruPark In Siricilla Pics
KTR inaugurated the flyover at Kamineni Hospital junction in LB Nagar Photos
Chris Cuomo fact checks Trump’s wildfire tweets
Cuomo presses Ocasio-Cortez on healthcare
Don Lemon: Trump’s promise to drain the swamp not going well
Roger Stone says he won’t testify against Trump
CEOs who condemned Trump now dine with him
‘Paul Manafort Drive’ driving motorists nuts
Cuomo calls out Trump’s anti-immigrant stance
Rep. Andy Biggs outlines his plan to fund the border wall
Haley talks foreign policy while touring Venezuela border
Byron York talks link between Steele and DOJ official
Ingraham: The left’s effort to remake America
Giuliani: Mueller investigation will lead to ‘big reforms’
Hannity: Mueller should not get what he wants
Bongino: Trump shouldn’t talk to Mueller, it’s a trap
Erin Burnett calls out Giuliani’s talking point about Mueller
Graham on discussing Mueller probe with Trump
Parkland suspect’s alleged video confession is released
New report says Trump’s friends have influence over VA
Kids were being trained for school shootings, prosecutors say
Spoiler alert: Moderates beat progressives in primaries

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